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armchair AcusticAOur guests also have the availability of a relaxation armchair /bed of the latest technology to regenerate body and mind after an intense day of sightseeing and emotions, to restore vigor and peace of mind.

If never tried before, this marvelous experience will surely stay in your memory as well as everything else that our city has always been capable of offering. This exceptional facility is free of charge for our guests.

We are certain that you will find such an experience emotionally stimulating and unforgettable of the kind that only the ‘AcusticA’ armchair of the future can provide.
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Although the Piccolo Principe B&B offers accommodation on a small scale,we nevertheless take great care in offering a high level of comfort. Apart from the armchair/bed “vibroacustica” for your psychological and physical wellbeing, we have installed an innovatory device which utilizes only natural energy capable of guaranteeing a high quality of both air and water.

With the ‘Quantum’ technology you will be protected from the negative influence of electromagnetic radiation and from natural magnetic fields, when perturbed. This revolutionary technology acts on the immediate environment by ‘harmonizing’ all electromagnetic and natural magnetic frequencies, thus improving the quality of sleep.

Thanks to an efficacious negative ionization, the air regenerates rapidly so that stale odours quickly disappear and the air smells fresh and clean.

As regards the quality of water the ‘Quantum’ technique eliminates bacterial excess as well as the limestone problem so that our water feels softer, lighter and pleasant to the palate.

Our complete plumbing system is protected by the ‘Quantum Hotel’ technology which keeps it perfectly efficient, sanitized and scale-free (certainly well below the minimal limits foreseen by law).

As regards environment-friendly usage, the ‘Quantum Hotel’ system has allowed us to reduce by 60% our use of soaps and detergents. We have completely eliminated the use of sparkler additives in our dishwasher and the use of anti-scale chemical products in general. Our central heating system has proved more efficient and our gas consumption has been reduced.

In brief, we have succeeded in obtaining complete overall protection, resulting in a general environmental wellbeing which will surely prove beneficial to both your body and mind.

The ‘Quantum Hotel’ technology comes from “Freebioenergy”, Faenza, Italy.
For further information:

quantum hotelfreebioenergy


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